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Gadhada Last Chapter

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1. SHIKSHA PATRI : It's reading and worship.
2. How to bring in spiritual experience of the bliss of God?
3. Mercy and affection are the qualities of Sattva Guna and stays only on realization of greatness of God in his saint.
4. The position of Jiva in special and general.
5. The method for removing obstacles in enlightened devotion.
6. Devote without envy.
7. God is always with a form. The devotee within his body, is in his abode.
8. That devotee is happy, who is not unhappy with a devotee and always stays away from Nastik.
9. How to develop spiritual consciousness? 10. Jiva, Ishwara and Maya are eternal. Jiva is not Amsha of God.
11. Ways to control Indriyas and Antahkaran.
12. Shed ego and offer devotion.
13. Wish of God is our luck.
14. Deep attachment to God generates Vairagya and Vivek.
15. Effects of Navadha Bhakti.
16. Practice devotion like a faithful wife.
17. Love and affection only to God. No where else. Example of Bharat.
18. Be obedient to God. Satsang weakens the force of Vasana.
19. Tyagi should be detached from the affection to family members.
20. Attributes of Prakriti and Vasana. How to control them?
21. Bhagwat Dharam.
22. Prem Lakshana Bhakti.
23. Method of Mansi Pooja in winter, summer and rainy season.
24. Sixteen instruments to attain Akshardham.
25. Intrinsic characteristics of a true devotee.
26. Attributes of a devotee worthy of being worshippped at par with God.
27. The pleasure of Panch Vishayas is solely available in the form of the God.
28. Two paths to recede from devotion to God.
29. Who is better? Tyagi or Householder with liberal Vairagya? 30. Five fundamentals for conscious observance.
31. Human form of God on earth and the one in divine abode are one.
32. One who commits sins under the shelter of mercy of God, is a demon.
33. Narayan only is immune to the vicious influence of woman and wealth.
34. Ways to eradicate Vasna. Company of a Shushka Vedanti is an obstacle.
35. Six attributes of a saint in whose heart resides God.
36. Sadhana that would give final redemption. Obstacles in the path.
37. The company of God is an unforgattable event.
38. Worship to God needs intensity of devotion.
39. What is Maya? Who can develop Atmik Bhav? Vachanamrut Shloka.
* Geographic and astronomic Vachanamrit.