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1. Attributes of Moha. Hoe to overcome it?
2. Withdraw cognitive organs to block way of Panchvishyas to Antahkaran
3. The amorous path and Brahm Gyan.
4. Dharm and Bhakti, which should be retained?
5. Fidelity towards God alone should be cultivated and should be retained courageously.
6. Rules of Vidhi-Nishedh have to be observed.
7. Obedience to saint and Vairagya would earn the grace of God.
8. Ekadashi Vrata and how to observe it. Yoga-Yagya and Gyan-Yagya.
9. Gyan-Marg is not against Bhagwad swaroop.
10. Bhakti is supreme in trio of Gyan, Vairagya & Bhakti.
11. Duties performed with an intention to please God paves way for redemption.
12. Emancipation requires full control on sense-organs and full courage to fight vices.
13. About Divinity. Shreeji Maharaj reveals before the Paramhams his own divine form.
14. The state of Nirvikalpa.
15. Enimity towards evil nature is the weapon to kill baser instincts.
16. Self discipline wins over Vishayas.
17. Attributes of Sthit-pragya.
18. Nastik and Sushka Vedantis should be avoided.
19. A letter from Shriji Maharah to his devotees.
20. How to achieve the state of Siddha?
21. Shri Hari.
22. Courageous devotees and cowered devotees.
23. Who is Param Bhagwat?
24. Samkhya and Yoga in relation to love for God.
25. Vasana free householder excels the saint with Vasana.
26. A devotee should not indulge in the activities not liked by God or his saints.
27. The instinct of anger subsides on the grace of God.
28. Serving God and his devotees in the highest merit which replenishes spiritual life.
29. Attributes of the devotees who has a close attachment to God.
30. Wealth and woman are no obstacle for a devotee.
31. Cosmic evolution. Jiva, Ishwars, Vairat Purush.
32. Redemption comes to Jiva on devotion to God.
33. How to accomplish Nishkam Dharm?
34. Are the Tattvas sentiet or non-sentient?
35. Redemption is not by realization of Atma but by Upasana of God.
36. Four fold steps for Chitta.
37. How to improve Prakriti?
38. Ekantik Bhakta's entry in God : Example of Mancha Bhakta.
39. What a devotee must possess? An open secret from Shrimad Bhagwat.
40. Unknown and known sins redeemed by proper attonement.
41. Discard self-ego and offer wholehearted worship to God.
42. Sagun and Nirgun forms of Akshar.
43. Attain Brahm state and offer divine love to God, this is the natural one for soul.
44. Company of a saint should encourage the devotee to look into his own drawbacks.
45. Be alert for all the times and worship God.
46. Saintly person is not disturbed by the material losses or gains.
47. Inculcate Vasana (desire) to come out from the bad intentions and bodily attachments. Desire with full force the devotion to God.
48. A devotee should remain absorbed in meditation of God.
49. There is no limit to devotional worship.
50. Who is dear to God?
51. How to stay in Atmanisatta?
52. Things adorning household becomes a weakness for a Tyagi. Eradicate envy and devote with full faith.
53. Attributes of Moha and how to overcome Moha?
54. Attributes for a devotee who values the Satsang at the highest.
55. Navadha Bhakti.
56. True love to God means total detachment from others.
57. To be fully attached to God through devotion by becoming fully self-realised.
58. The scriptures narrating life and mission of God strenghthens Sampradaya.
59. What is the essence of Veda and all the scriptures?
60. Ways to stop all outward hindrances in self realization and devotion.
61. Attributes of a true devotee : observance of rules, knowledge about God and attachment to devotees of God.
62. Atmanishtha, Bhakti and service of God are the Sadhana (instruments) for liberation .
63. Faith in God and the services to the saints are the sources of energy for full devotion
64. Shri Krishna is the manifestation in the form of all other incarnations.
65. Darshan of idol in human form.
66. Attributes of a devotee who has known the God.
67. Glory, greatness and the charm of God is never ending.