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Gadhada Pratham

Vachanamrut in english published by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

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1. About unbroken communion of mind with the divine form of God
2. Detachment and it's three types
3. Importance of recollecting divine Leela of God.
4. Example of Narad & Tumbru to shun envy amongst Satsangis.
5. Regularity and persistance in meditation for the favour from God.
6. Discrimination between Sat and Asat
7. Jiva, Ishwara, Maya, Brahm and Parabrahm are the eternal forms.
8. About engaging cognitive and conative organs in the service of God and his devotee.
9. Total concentration in God manifested in human form means fulfilment of life.
10. The ungrateful should be discarded.
11. Who is an Ekantik Bhakta?
12. Purush, Prakriti and its various evolutes.
13. Jivas are different in the different bodies and the bodies have been assigned by God per Karms of the one.
14. The meaning of (Ante ya matihi sa gatihi - Sanskrit Sloka) and the characteristics of the devotee of Lord Shri Hari.
15. Meditation, faith and the freedom from cowardice.
16. Vivek means to get free from the own bad qualities and bad company to act as a soul.
17. Observance of fast on the event of cowardice in the Satsang.
18. Avoid wickeds and serve the saints with the help of five cognitive organ.
19. Be firm in Atmanishtha, Bhakti, Vairagya and Swadharma.
20. Who is the most ignorant?
21. Instruments for pleasing God. Two forms of Akshar
22. Remain attached to God incessantly
23. Who is Sthitpragya?
24. The state of enlightenment and sourness
25. Importance of Atmanishtha and Swadharma. Samadhi by Yoga and also by Bhakti
26. About 'true devotee'.
27. God resides for ever in the heart of a saint.
28. Anout increase and decrease : Satsang and half burnt fire wood.
29. Luck, grace and efforts.
30. How can the mind be cleared of thoughts and fixed on God?
31. One who serves the devotees excels one who prefers seclusion.
32. God should be their only shelter for the devotees of the God.
33. The greatest Sadhana
34. Love for worldly body and such relations in Maya
35. Freedom from anger, ego, envy and conspiracy
36. A Sadhu with a mundane desires is like mendicant
37. Self-realisation
38. An example of the trader's daily book
39. The two stages Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa
40. A devotee and Savikalpa-Nirvikalpa Samadhi
41. Sanskrit Sloka - Ekohmm Bahushya Prajayey | Cosmic evolution
42. The rules of Vidhinishedh. It's importance.
43. Nishakam Bhakta has no desire for four aspects of Mukti.
44. Universal vision.
45. Formal and Abstract.
46. Chidakash
47. Dharm, Gyan, Vairagya and Bhakti : their attributes
48. Who should be avoided?
49. Concentration in image of God
50. Only wise realizes Brahm
51. Diamond cuts a diamond : Realization of God
52. Samkhya, Yoga, Vedant and Panchratra togather gives knowledge about the God
53. Sadhu and a devotee
54. Sadhu : The main door of redemption
55. Influence of place and time on worship of God
56. Gyani-Devotee is the best of the devotees
57. Knowledge of the divine form of God is the highest Sadhan to attain Moksha
58. Disturbance by Rajas and Tamas, how to avoid it
59. Deep love for God manifesting in human form
60. Freedom from desire (Vasana).
61. Atmanishtha needs Upasana, an example of Bali.
62. Do not ignore poors.
63. Knowing God in his true glory.
64. Atma and Akshar - the body of Purushottam.
65. Attributes of knowledge, action and will.
66. Scriptures, word-games and realization of God.
67. How to imbibe virtues of Satpurush.
68. God is in idol and the saints.
69. What is Dharm?
70. The heart is the battlefield, who wages the war? and why?
71. God manifests himself on earth with his abode Akshardham.
72. Attributes of a devotee.
73. What is Karma? How to overcome it?
74. Devotion.
75. Those who bear devotional love are redeemed.
76. Anger, jealousy, fraudulence and egioty, if found in a devotee would spell his ruin.
77. One who discards the rules of Dharm under the Pretext of the Knowledge of God is a devil.
78. The prominance of place and time.

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