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How to change bad nature


Unique Practice for renunciation Satsang and unworthy nature.

Attributes of love for God.

On the Second day of the first fortnight of the month of Falgun of Samvat 1876, Shriji Maharaj was seated in the ascetics chambers at the Darbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He was dressed in white. Saints and the devotees from the various places were assembled before him.

Then Shriji Maharaj said, "Those who have any question to ask may put it forward". Then Muktanand Swami asked, "Oh Maharaj ! What is the extraordinary Sadhna for Moksha?" In reply to this Shriji Maharaj said, "The Knowledge of the divine form of God and also his infinite powers and Lordship is the only supreme Sadhana by which one can attain Moksa." Again Muktanand Swami asked. "What is the nature of Love that a devotee should develop towards God ?" Shriji Maharaj said, "Love for God demands unqualified attachment. Love generated as a result of certain attributes is likely to evaporate soon if God does not manifest such attributes and behaves contrary to the demands of such a Love. Therefore God demands unqualified love. If however love is developed on such demands is sure to disappear. God, therefore, should be offered such attachment which one bears towards his kith and keens. This type of love is born of indomitable faith, whereas the love which develops through the knowledge of the divine form of God his finite powers, Lordship, etcetera is pure, unqualified love."

Then after that Shivanahd Swami asked, "A devotee has realised the purging influence of this holy satsang and yet being in the midst of this Satsang, is not retrieved from the malicious instincts of his nature. What can be the reason for such an implacable state of mind ?"

Replying to this question Shriji Maharaj said, "so long as a devotee does not try to remove the malicious instincts of nature which hamper his spiritual progress he has not realised the spiritual significance of this holy satsang. Nor has he regarded them as prejudicial to his spiritual progress. If a friend murders one's brother, animosity would be created against him to such an extent that one would in turn like to kill him. Such perverted attitude signifies the importance of attachment for brother. Similarly, if such baser instincts of one's nature inspire him to transgress all barries of the moral code, they would ultimately deflect him from the spiritual path. Lack of complete attachment for this holy satsang leads him to such sacrilege. If, therefore, the attachment that he bears towards his brother or kith and kin is equally developed for this holy satsang his baser instincts of nature would vanish completely. The spiritual vigour which is inherent in Jiva who is the Kshetragya, ultimately drives away the ephemeral control of the the Indriyas and Antahkaran which are termed as Kshetra.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 57.

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