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On the eleventh day of the first fortnight of the month of Magh in Samvant 1876, Shriji Maharaj was seated facing south in the evening on a raised platfom near the temple of Shri Vasudev Narayan in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He had covered his booy with a white cotton shawl and wrapped a white side-cloth about his shoulders. He had put on a white turban. Munis and the Bhaktas from the various places were assembled before him.

At that moment, one Vedanti-Brahmin named Maheswar Bhatt asked one question to Shriji Maharaj, It is said that the physical body and all the evolutes of Maya, fade out in the state Of Samadhi. How then does Akash fade out? Replying to the question, Shriji Maharaj said, "I shall define Akash, to which you all may listen carefully. Akash is described as space or vaccume which exists even in the monadic atom. If, however, such atom is cut into an infinite number of pieces imperceptible to the eye, even in such microscopic monality, Akash exists. It is therefore infered that Akash only exsits and the evolutes of Ahankar, such as, earth, water, light, wind etcetera are all pervaded and wrapped by Akash. Akash, therefore is the all sustainer. The three forms of body, gross, mental and causal, also subsist in Akash. Even the infinite macrocosms, Prakriti, and Purush all subsist in Akash. This Akash exists-within and around the entities of Prakrlti and Purush and innumberable macrocosms and, as the sustainer of all, exists outside also. This Akash therefore, never fades out either in Samadhi or in Susupti-the state of deep sleep.

Now, if you doubt that Akash and the other four evolutes, namely earth, water, light and wind are the evolutes of Ahmkar then how can this Akash be called the sustainer of Purush and Prakriti? how can it be said to be all-pervading?

You may therefore clear this doubt by an understanding that Akash exsits even in Prakriti in as much as from Prakriti is evolved. Mahattahva just as a tree-yields flowers and fruits and just as from the womb of a cow, a calf is ejected. Similarly Akash exists even in Prakriti. Again Ahmkar is evolved out of Mahattahva, so Akash exists even in Mahattahva and again Akash, one of the five Mahabhutas is evolved out of Tamas. So Akash exsits even in Tamas. This Akash being the product of Tamas is subject to change. where as Akash, the all sustainer is changless and eternal. This all sustaining Akash is known as Brahm or Chidakash. Purush and Prakriti subsist in this Akash and expand and contract during the time of evolution and dessolution.

The process of expansion ot Praktiti and purush is thus explianed. At the time of evolution; purush joins with Prakriti and just as a child is born out of husband and wife. Manattahva and other evolutes evolve out of Prakriti and Purush. This process of expansion of Prakriti through her evolutes continues and Prakriti through her twenty four Tattvas remains concomitant with the physical bodies and the various evolutes of Piakriti by his all pervading powers. This is the state of expasion of Prakriti and Purush. And in the time of final rest evolutes of Prakriti and Purush are dissolved, Prakriti fades out in the light of Purush which is a state of contraction of Prakriti. Purush also then contracts by remaining self centered. Just as a tortoise expands all his limbs when it comes out and contracts its limbs when in water, similarly Prakriti and Purush expend and contract in the state of evolution and dissolution. Purush, however, always remains concomitant along with all the evolutes of Prakriti and yet is separate from them by his individual entity. Chidakash being all sustaining and all existing can not be described as being either with or without them. It is an all existing and all pervading entity.

This cosmos is surrounded by mount LokaLoka like an invincible fort. Outside the Lokaloka there is Aloka. Beyond Aloka there are seven spheres. Beyond those spheres there is impenetrable darkness. Beyond that darkness there is light which is called Chidakash. Upwards also beyond Brahmloka, there are seven spheres. Beyond that there is darkness and beyond that darkness there is light which is called Chidakash. Again beneath and beyond the infemai regions, there are seven spheres. Beyond those spheres is immense darkness and beyond that darkness there is light called Chidakash.

Chidakash, therefore, is all pervading in and around the infinite number of macrocosms. One who has developed this vision to see this all pervading Chidakash has mastered Dahar-vidya. The yogic feats of Akashi Vidya, Brahmvidya are the attainments of a Yogi. This Chidakash is resplandent with divine light. It is eternal and therefore devoid of the states of expansion and contraction, Where as the evolution and dissolution of Akash apply to Akash, one which is one of the evolutes of Ahmkar and a product of Tamas. It fades out in Samadhi, Chidakash, the all pervading and all sustaining does not fade out. It is static. If you have any doubt, you may ask further. Whereupon of the Vedantin Brahmin and all the members of the assembly uneqivocally said, "All doubts are cleared."

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 46.

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