Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Itasca

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

A Devotee desire for none but God.


In Samvat 1876, on the twelfth day of the first fortnight o f the month of Margshirsh, Shriji Maharaj was seated in the Darbar of Dada Khachar in Gadhada. He was clad in all white and the Saints and the followers from the various places were assembled before him.

Then Shriji Maharaj said, "One who has known and worshipped Shri Krishna in the form of image here on earth, and is devoted to him and has been enjoying his darshan and still if he does not feel fulfilled and with the lack of such fulfilmen, feels inwardly that so long as he has not realised this human image of God and seated in his divine abode of Golok and Vaikuntha, with a divine and luminious form, he is not fully redeemed. such a devotee is gross ignorant only. One should not hear from him scriptures like Bhagwat etc. and one, who has realsied God here in human form and posseses such immutable knowledge and feels completely fulfilled only at the DarShan of God here in human form, and does not desire anything , is a true devotee. So such a devotee even if he does not desire to see the divine abodes, his divine powers and his divine forms. Therefore one who has an irrevocable knowledge of God in human form here should not desire anything else except 'him'.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 9