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Savikalpa and Nirivikalpa Samadhi



On the fourth day of the first fortnight of the month of Magh in Samvant 1876, Shriji Maharaj was seated on a cot under the margosa tree in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. A white side cloth was wrapped about his shoulders. And a white cotton shawl was wrapped about his person. He put on a white turban. Nosegays of yellow flowers were suspended from his turban. He was garlanded with yellow flowers. Saints and the devotees from the different places were assembled before him.

Muktanand Swami then asked Shriji Maharaj, 'Oh Maharaj! How are the Saviklpa state of samadhi and the nirvikalp state of samadhi to be distinguished?

Then, replying to this, Shriji Maharaj said, "A devotee who has established close rapport with God, has eradicated all evil desires, but sustains such desires to attain the state of Narad, the Sanak or Shukadevaji or to perform Tapas in the Ashram of Shri Narnarayana, or desires to attain the state of a Shvetamvkta of the divine Loka of Shvetadwip. Indulgence in such desires even though spiritually prolific, is a state of Savikalpa Samadhi. One who is bereft of such desires and has only one desire to attain identity with Aksherbrahm and with this Brahmbhav to serve the lotus feet of Shri Purusottam Bhagavan. he alone has attained the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi".

Again, Muktanand Swami asked, 'Maharaj!, Plese explain to us the distinction between Bhakti and Upasana.

Shrijj Maharaj said, <Sanskrit Sloka>. (Bhagwat 7-5-23) - Such dedicated worship with its nine characteristic features is called Bhakti. Upasana connotes a specific understanding that God is always Sakar with form and even when a devotee is in Brahm state, in such a highly spiritual state, he indomitable upholds this truth. Even if he hears scriptures defining God as haying no form, he stubbornly holds to his belief. Such a devotee is called a true Upasaka.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 40.

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