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Entering in somebody through superconscious state


Gods image in the heart of a Saint

Lack of spiritual discipline means lack of faith in God

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On the ninth day of the first fortnight of the month of Chaitra Samvat 1876, Swami Shri Sahjanandji Mabaraj was seated on a cot under the margosa tree near the temple of Lord Vasudev Narayan in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He had put around his neck a white and folded side cloth and a white cloth with a rich border of silver fabrics was tied on his head in the shape of a turban. Munis and the devotees from the far off places were assembled before him.

Shriji Maharaj then said I desire to ask you a question. Munis then in request said You may ask Maharaj !. Whereupon Shri Maharaj said in Samvat 1869, when the country was hit hard by femine, for about a month as and when I was in a state of sleep I felt that I had gone to Purushottampuri and entered into the idol of Lord Shri Jagannathji. To the on lookers the idol looked as it was of the piece of but through the eyes of the idol, I could see the both deeitful ways and the devotional feelings of the Pujari. In the like maner, in this satsang too, certain devotees with spiritual attainment have the power to enter into some ones body and see and hear everything. The scriptures also mention that Shukdevji possessed such powers, as he spoke through tHe medium of a tree. Similarly God or a saint with spiritual attainment also possesses such spiritual powers by which they can enter into any body per their desire. Therefore, God for the worship of his devotee gives them idol which are of eight types and in which God enter by the own wish. A devotee who offers worship to such an idol should observe all the rules of sanctity before such an idol as he does when he offers worship to living God. However, as I have stated earlier, such sanctity is not observted by a devotee, and he considers the idol as merely a picture or a piece of wood, stone or metal. And the great saint is being looked upon as an ordinary human being, where as God says that in the eight types of idols and alSo in the saint with the spiritual attainment, He dwells with all his powers and divinity. In spite of this, the devotee spurns this divine preserice of God Or the sanctity of the saint and is not afraid of God. Has he therefore known God ? The Paramhamsas replied, since such a devotee does not know God as Antaryami and does not observe the rules of sanctity he is not said to have known God. Then Shriji Maharaj asked Since he has not known God will he be redeemed by the spurious devotion which he offers ? The saints then said, 'He never wil! be redeemed.'

Then Shriji Maharaj said, "One whose knowledge is sublated does not recognise the presence of God in an idol. He will then develop the same attribute for a saint who had attained spiritual heights. Not only that but God who is now manifesting himself before you in human form wiil also be looked upon with the same sceptic eyes. His divine abodes like Goloka, Brahmpura will also be looked upon by him as fallacious. The evolution, sustenance and destruction of this universe will be taken as a natural phenomenon bound by temporal conditions. He will never belive such a phenomenon to be due to the will of God. He will then become a confirmed atheist. Then Muktanand Swami asked, Is the emergence of such influence of scepticism is due to previous Karmas or due to malacious influence ? Replying to the question, Shriji Maharaj said, Such Scepticism develops when one reads such scriptures which deny God One who accepts the authority of such atheist scriptures and joins the company of such believer is sure to turn atheist. Morever atheism is caused by lust, anger, avarice, pride, ego and gealousy as well. Such a state of mind will repulse him from the company of the enlightened saints like Narada, the Sanaks etcetere, whose spiritual talks he will hear without interest. However if he desires to drive out such sceptic influence from his mind, he should read holy scriptures like Shrimad Bhagwat wherein the evolution sustenance and distruction of the cosmos is described as Leela - the divine sport of God. He will also realise the divine greatness and glory of God and also the divine powers of the saints who have attained spiritual heights.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 68.

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