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Characteristic of a true Sadhu


On the thirteenth day of the second fortnight of the month of Paush of Samvat 1876, Shriji Maharaj was seated on a cot on a raised platform under the margosa tree in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He was dressed in white clothes. He was garlanded with yellow and white flowers. curls of white flowers were decorated about his ears. His turban was decorated with yellow flowers and nosegays. Red flowers were decently arranged on the projected part of his turban. He was playing with the flower ball. The graceful charm emanating from his form, resplendent with divinity pleased the devotees sitting before him. Muni's and the follwers from the different places were seated before him.

Then Shriji Maharaj said, "What would you think of one who has renounced the world and has donned the robe of a Sadhu cherishes the affection for worldly objects, which are Asat and denounced as totally sinful? He is like a mendicant before a millionaire. A mendicant who is in bare need of food and clothing calls himself a sinful man and others also call him sinful and feel that he because of his sins, he is deprived of the bare necessities of life, such as food and clothing. Similarly one who has renounced the world and still entertains a desire for better food, better clothing and remains wanting in love for the redemptine attributes of Dharma, Gyan, Vairagya and Bhakti is like a mendicant before a millionaire. The Ekantik saint would esteem him a sinner in as much as he has no love for the attributes of Dharm, Gyan, Vairagya and Bhakti and is strongly drawn towards mundane objects, leavii1g the path of God. One who really treads the the path of renunciation has an equanimity established over all objects, be it gold or dust. He would not distingnish either as good or bad any object which has its seed in mundane growth and has love only for God.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 36.

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