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Types of the unholy Companions.


On the thirteenth day of the first fortnight of the month of Magh of Samvant 1876, Swami Shri Sahajanandji Maharaj was sitting in the evening on a cot on a raised platfrom under the margosa tree, facing west in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He was in white dress. Munis and the Bhaktas from the various places were assambled before him. Two torches were kept eracted burning before him. The Arti and chanting at Lord Vasudev Narayan temple was getting over.

Then addressing the assembly, Shriji Maharaj said, "Now listen to attentively. I desire to talk to you." Then all the members in the assembly said, Please Maharaj, let us hear you. Then Shriji Maharaj said, "It is our order that all our devotees will get a image of God on Paper. You worship that idol. Your worship to that image shall confirm to the scriptures. In Shrimad Bhagwat, the idols of God have been classified in eight catagaries, therefore the image in the form of a picture is quite confiming to that. Therefore, the devotee should, early in the morning and after complete bath, should offer worship to Lord Shri NarNarayan. After worship, should offer Pradakshina and Sashtsang Pranam. Thereafter, pray that Oh Maharaj ! protect and keep us away from the company of demonic people. These company of demonic or evil people is of four types namly Kuda Panthi,Shakti Panthi, Shushka Vedanti and Nastik. If caught in the company of Kuda Panthi, they will force to break the vow of celibacy. Shakti Panthi will force to take meat and wine and thus will deflect from the Dharm. If, however, the Shushka Vedanti lay their hands upon, they will impose their tenet that God is formless, his divine abode and his incarnations are all myth. The will of Bhakti and Upasana will have no place in the life of them. The influence of the Nastik will deny the authority of God and scriptures and shall take only Karma as the Path of imancipation. Therefore, demand that from God to keep us away from the company of those four. Again pray that Oh God, please protect me from the enfluence of passion, anger, covetousness, imfatuation, ego, envy and attachinent to anybody. Keep me always in the sacred contact of your devotees.

And all you devotees, do not think in your mind that how a drawing on the paper can protect you from the company of evils? Do not nurse such feelings, as I am a Satpurush and following my instructions if you would offer worship to Lord Narnarayan, I had excellent rapport with Lord Nar narayan so I shall tell him with a request that Oh Lord ! please reside permanently in those who by following five great vows offers worship to your idol given by me to them. Therefore. be sure that by the ties of love I will make Lord Narnarayan absolutely firm, and absolute sure with full faith that idol is Lord Narnarayan himself. And keeping in view this reality, do not leave this idol unworshipped in any of the circumstances. Offer worship in the moil1ing after your bath and begain then your works for the day. So long you remain within the five great vows and offer regular worship to idol of LordNarnarayan, till then Lord NarNarayan himself will reside continuously in that idol. This is my order and follow it firmly." Thus said Shriji Maharaj and devotees accepted the same with the respect.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 48.

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