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Way to freedom from Pachvishayas


On the first day of the second fortnight of the month of Falgun in Samvat 1876, Shriji Maharaj was seated in the chambers of the saints at the Darbar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhada. He was dressed in white clothes. A white side cloth was wrapped about his neck. He had put on a white turban. Nosegays of white flowers were suspended from his turban. He was garlanded with by white flower garlands. Saints and the devotees from the various places were assembled before him.

Then Shriji Maharaj said, "Removal of - Vasana attached to the Jiva is the only Sadhana for the purification of the Jiva. The Sadhak should, therefore, introspect and realise that which of the Panchavishayas, he is intensely attached to. If he feels such attachment to any such object, he should immediately draw inward to the inner recesses - the seat of Atma - and should intuitively think as to how much attachment he has towards God and how much towards the Panchvishayas. One should examine this, and if one's ears are tempted to hear worldly talks with the same intensity as that for hearing spiritual discourses of God, one should conclude that ones inclination for God and the world are equal.

"Therefore with awakened consciousness, one should continue to examine the involvement of his Jiva in the Panchvishayas as also in the devotion of God. When attachment to God and attachment to Panchvishayas attain parity, one should try to balance them by developing greater attachment to God and with drawing from worldiy objects. When his Jiva is totally released from its attachment to the Panchvishayas or Vasana, he will be able to maintain equanimity between the opposite dualities of contempt and praise pleasing touch and navseating touch and the charm of beauty and the repulsion of decayed forms, all women : girls, damsels and old Women, the dirt and gold all will appear equal to him. All tastes good and that and all flavours sweet and navseating would appear the same. He will then feel that he had no Vasana at all. For the fulfilment of single minded devotion, maintenance of this state of natural or effortless consciousness to remain entirely detached is a prerequisite. Otherwise, even the slightest influence of the Vasana will hinder the progress of the devotee and will bring him back to the temporal state from the state of samadhi. Therefore, only that person is Ekantik Bhakta, who conquers Vasana.

Then MuktanandSwami asked, "What is the way to remove Vasana?"

Shriji Maharaj said, "First and the foremost is the realisation that his self is Atma only. Secondly, he should fully understand that happiness derived from the Panchvishttyas is ephemeral. Thirdly, he should possess the knowledge of God in all his divine glory and should realise that God is the supreme lord of Vaikunth, Golok and Brahmmlok. Happiness derived from the enjoyment of the Panchvishayas piles into utter insinificance before the enjoyment of bliss that emanates from the divine form of God. Whose immediate vicinity he enjoys. Therefore, absolute devotion offered to God earns for the devotee the ultimate redemption. However, if the devotee does not attain perfection in devotion, even then, he would attain Indraloka or Brahmloka where happiness abounds in infinite proportion in comparision to that of Panchvishayas. By the knowledge of the glory of God, the devotee would be able to discard the desire for enjoyning the Panchvishyas and would develop perfect detachment. When he attains this state of Brahm, he feels that he never had any sort of attachment to any thing, and it was a mere illusion that he felt attachment in his non-realised state. This state of realization can be attained only in the company or by the grace of a realised saint who has attained rapport with God. It can not be attained by hearing sermons from the mouths of such people who have not attained that state of self realisation.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 60.