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Vachanamrut in english published by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

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1. One who has by knowledge and Bhakti realized God in human form has attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
2. About knowing God in Veda etc. five scriptures.
3. Bhakti and it's indispensibility.
4. Who is a complete saint? Method of establishing Chitta Vritti on the form of God.
5. Divine attributes of Purushottam.
6. The Jiva resting in the womb of Maya, evolve by the will of God and according to their Karma.
7. Ways for a demonic soul to become a divine soul.
8. Total concentration in God culminates into Nirgun and God.
9. How to get Nirgun and Avinashi God?
10. Surrender to God in the form of supreme king and saint.
11. Respect and serve Bhagwan, Bhakta, Brahmin and poors.
12. Knowing God helps one to develop spirituality.
13. Devotion of God is beyond the happiness of every thing.
14. Blessings and curse of a saint makes one a divine or demonic soul.
15. Remain engrossed in total worship, forget of rest.
16. Detachment from Panchvishyas means Jitendriya, Services towards devotee means devotion.
17. Fundamentals which a member of this Sampradaya must know.
18. Jiva, who recognises God or his saint, becomes a devotee of God.
19. A devotee, conscious of Brahm, remains engaged in worldly activities like king Janak remains immune to carnal desires.

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