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On the eleventh day of the first fortnight of the month of Margshirsh in Samvat 1876, Shriji Maharaj was seated in the Durbhar of Shri Dada Khachar at Gadhda and was clad in all white. Saints and the followers from the different places were assembled before him.

Shriji Maharaj said, 'If cognitive and conative organs of the devotee are engaged in, the service of Lord Shri Krishna and his devotees, Antahkaran would get purified and the sins attached to the Jiva from the time immemorial would be wiped off. But if the same are directed towards the worldly objects of enjoyment, strays one from the path of spiritual progress. The scriptures have prescribed that one should enjoy sense objects for the sustenance of the body only and not for fulfilling one's desires. This scriptural injunction should never be transgressed. One should develope contact with a Sadhu and should avoid the wickeds. It is only under the influence of a Sadhu by which the ego and the attachment towards the body and the relatives of the physical body desolve, and a deep attachment towards God develops which ultimately consolidate an unflinching devotion to God in one's heart".

Thereafter on very that day, in the Durbar of Shri Dada Khachar, Swami Shri Sahajanandji was seated in the balcony opposite a margosa tree at about the late morning and the Paramahams, Saints, devotees and the penant ladies were assembled there under the tree shade. At that time Shriji Maharaj said, "Oh Paramhams ! You all tell me about the strong side of yours, but do not say anything about your weak side. Also tell me about the firm will and the intentions about the image of God. Tell me about the part wherein lies the power of self-realization, such as I am not body, I am the soul. Also speak of Panchvartman, namely Nirlobhi, Nishkami, Nispruhi, Niswadi and Nirmani and also the part wherein there is firm faith in that.

Then Shriji Maharaj happily said : " First of all I will tell about my side. Thereafter, you may say about yours" saying this, Shriji Maharaj said "By the grace of Lord Shri Narnarayan, I feel that I am the soul. I am unpiercible, I am uncuttable, I am Sachchidanand and my greatness is nothing but the glow of self-image and the meditation of Shri Narnarayan. The greatness is not by precious clothes, valuable ornaments, chariot elephants and the horses. The greatness is not due to the kings who have now become my followers and stand before me with the folded hands. And suppose these all the Satsangis, turn their faces from me and leave me away. Suppose if they do not follow me, if do not give me respect, the gifts and the place of stay at, it w11l not degrade my present state. My greatness is due to the meditation of Shri Narnarayan and the Brahmic state that I had achieved. I am Brahm, I am soul - the greatness expressed through these terms can not be removed even if I wish to do so, or others if desire so to remove it. And my meditation is that of the image of Lord Narnarayan, who is Parbrahm and Parmatma. If some one describes it on the basis of his own experience and tries to make me believe that, I can not believe so. Becuase, I can see the image of Lord Purushottam omnipresent through my own heart and the mind. And those who say that renunciated Lord Parmeshwar is form-less, have, as I believe, had not understood Lord Purushottam and his power. And they do not know about the image of Lord Purushottam. They had not realised the supreme God. They had not understood the scriptures in its true nature. The image-free form of the supreme God - as described in the scriptures, stands for discarding the forms of evolutes of Maya. The Panchbhoot of the Maya and the ten Indriyas and the four Antahkarans of the image of God are not like those of mortal beings. Therefore the scriptures tell it "formless". And God, definitely has the divine form. The God has the eyes and by the blook of that manly eyes on Maya he creates millions of the cosmos. And in those cosmos creats thousands of Brahmas and the other demi-Gods, and in those cosmoses, creates movables, immovables and the souls. Therefore, God has the eyes, and when all these immovables, movables, the Souls and the creation deminishes. exists only the supreme God. Then at that moment, Veda, the scriptures, come and worship the supreme God with their folded hands. Listening to their prayer, Supreme God creates again the cosmoses. Therefore supreme God has ears too. In similar way, he has fourteen Indriyas, but they are all divine, it is beyond mind 'and the speech and works in the benefit of the soul as Rama and Krishna and at that time showers his grace through the Darshan to the souls with an idea that, if not appeared before the souls, they will not be able to serve and offer prayers, worship, meditation, and the Poojan, due to the lack of appearnces and visibility. Therefore, appear for enlighten ones and non-enlighten both. Though for the reasons like that, he appears before the human beings like an existence with all the worldly organs and the senses, but in reality, God is with everything divine. Therefore we do not beleive those who profess that God has no image. And due to the grace of that supreme God Shri Narnarayan and the worship of Shri Narnarayan the Kingdom of the Universe and all the beautiful dames of this cosmos together, along the wealth of the universe can not tempt or divert us. Suppose, if we are tempted and fall in the bonds of temptations, they can not hold us by the grace of Lord Shri Narnarayan. This is our firm faith and belief, by the grace of Lord Shri Narnarayan. To give a son to same one or to give wealth to some one or to'make alive a dead one is not our job or work and we do not do it. But we know fully well and also do, the work of salvation of the souls and of taking them to the heavenly abode of God. And now we will not speak further, and if we speak, it may become more than what is required." Saying such words he glanced with love to all the Paramhams and smilingly said "Oh Saints ! now tell me about your self".

Then thereafter, Shriji Maharaj added "You and we are with the same self. Therefore, your self is in me. For that, be sure and firm in the faith about what I said." This way, Shriji Maharaj said about his own self, which is for the followers of him, as he himself is Purushottam Narayan himself.

Thus Ends Vachanamrit : Gadhada First - 8.

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