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Most unattainable Sadhana - What is Maya ?


Ascent to Akshardham. Finding fault with the saint

In Samvat year 1876, on the fourth day of the first fortnight of the month of Margshirsh Shriji Maharaj arrived at night at the Dharmashala in the Durbar of dada Khachar at Gadhada. He had put on all white clothes. The Saints and the devotees from the different places were assembled before him.

Then Shriji Maharaj asked the assembly : "Which can be said to be the most ardous Sadhan from the various Sadhans ?". The Brahmacharis, Sadhu and householders tried to reply according to their understanding but they could not satisfy. Then Shriji Maharaj said "Hold, I shall answer the question. To establish an unbroken communion of mind with the divine form of God is the most difficult and unattainable Sadhan. A devotee, however, who can so establish communion of his mind with the divine form of God has nothing more to attain. So say the scriptures. The divine form of God is like Chintamani, which gives one the desired fruits. One who has so established communion of his mind with the divine form of God. if he desires that the forms of Jiva, Ishwar, Maya, Brahma be revealed before him, he can so visualises them separately. He Can also see the various abdoes of God, viz. Vaikunth, Golok, Brahmamoholo etc. Therefore, it is the most unattainable Sadhan and when fully attained, gets an inseparable divine status."

Then one of the devotees asked : What is Maya ? Shriji Maharaj said, "One which obstructs the mind in the meditational worship of God is called 'Maya'. Thereafter, asked Muktanand Swami, 'A devotee of God, when released from his body composed of Panchbhuta, What form of body does he assume in the divine abode of God ?". Shriji Maharaj said : "One who has sought refuge in Dharmakul, when released from his body composed of the Panchbhuta, assumes by the desire of the God, a divine body which is called Brahmamay. His such soul, is transmigrated to the abode of the God by various divine carriers, viz the eagle, the chariot or the Viman". The Yogi's in Samadhi, see them being so transmigrated by such divine carriers.

Somebody from the devotee asked furgter : "Many who have gained this holdy Satsang" long ago do not seem to be attached to this Satsang so whole-heartedly as they are attached to their own body and bodily relations. What can be the reason for that ? Shriji Maharaj said : "They have not fully known the infinite greatness and glory of God. The Sadhu who has attained the Brahmic state, can help those who remain associated with him to attain this state. When he talks to them during discourse about the nature, he, being basically the human being, reflects in the dialogue, his own nature and those who are listening to him, instead of absorbing the core of th dialogue, absorbs or becomes attentive more to the weakness of the Sadhu. Due to the commitment of that sin they do not succeed in the attachment to the Satsang. A sin committed elsewhere is washed off when one comes in contact with a realised Saint, whereas maligning such a realised Saint is a sin which can never be washed off until a Saint showers grace on him. The scriptures says : (SANSKRIT SLOKA). Therefore, if they do not nourish such averson for the Saint, They would develop attachment to this holy Satsang.

Thus Ends Vachanamrut : Gadhada - I